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I graduated from Fine Arts in ENPEG “La Esmeralda”. Although I began my artistic path with national and international exhibitions, I had a deeper desire to contribute and grow in a way that wasn’t fulfilled by the gallery scene. My artistic background in alliance with my passion for personal development and psyche brought me to Ken Wilber’s Integral Philosophy as a field of creative integration where I would put my knowledge in a collaborative field with others, applying the integral framework in the creation of mental maps and visual synthesis.

I see myself as a funnel in which any kind of information is translated, digested and distilled into accessible visuals with relevant content. As a result, people and organizations are able to learn, build, solve and grow from a place of clarity, understanding, engagement and emergence.

I know how to bring complexity into simplicity, creative processes into understandable systems and have a skill in bringing forth others ideas and concepts.

I work as a freelance and have more than 10 years of experience in multiple and very different fields. In past years I have been focusing on helping experts in the field of resilience and neuroscience in the development of learning material for trauma informed communities of practice, public schools, health centers, and other public initiatives with the aim of making accessible and understandable the relationship between stress response, emotions and the brain. I also work for consultant firms and big corporations that range from transnational businesses to Environmental Foundations in meetings, focus groups, problem solving, innovation, culture building and learning sessions.



I work online and live graphic recording and also use other platforms such as video, illustration and visual presentations, among others.

Along with my visual practice I have training and experience in the Spiritual path and energy healing techniques. In 2007 I became a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher by the International Yoga Federation, Yoga Union and Yoga Alliance® and trained with teachers such as David Williams, Baptiste Marceau, Dany Paradise and Doug Swenson. I am also a certified Magnified Healing Master Teacher® and have training in the Shamanic medicine wheel of the Queros.

In that field I have developed 3 workshops to help people understand and engage in everyday life with a practical approach of philosophical teachings of Yoga and to understand the dimensions of being and reality known as Koshas.  


In 2008 aside from being an active practitioner of Integral Philosophy and was an active participant in building a Latin community of practice and a part of a team that developed Terry Pattern’s online training in Spanish and a yearly retreat for people in Mexico to have access to his teachings. ​

Client portafolio: CRI (Community Resilience Initiative), Starfish Taylor, Integralis Consulting Group, IIFAC (International Institute of Facilitation & Change), HITOS Consulting, Emerging Wisdom, Dr. Norman Rosenthal (Trascendental Meditaton Research), Ernst & Young, CEPAL (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), Grupo Alsea, Grupo Salinas, Fundación Río Aronte, GIZ, Balance, Integralis-The Home Depot -Credito Real -Medica Sur -Grupo Oprimax, Max, Emerging Wisdom, David Lynch Foundation, Denver Biennale, CTI Co-Active Coaching- Benetton, Alsea, Integralis-LinkedIn, Innovation Arts-Banorte, Talent Lab, Novartis, The OD Consulting Group, Elsevier, CODELCO, UNAB, Integralis-Liverpool, The World Café Community, Bambu Terra, The We Dialogue, The Shift Network, The Refinery Leadership Partners Inc-Goldcrop, The Nossovitch Group, International Coach Federation among others.

Andrea M. Medina

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